C.elegans Neural Interactome V2.1.0


User Guide

To inject/change the stimuli into neurons, use the left panel to locate the neurons and adjust the scrollable bar to set the input magnitude

Play button initiates the simulation with user provided stimuli/ablation configurations. You can pause the stimulation anytime by clicking the pause button

Stop button stops the simulation and resets the graph, but preserves the input stimuli parameters as well as any ablated neurons

Reset button completely resets all the parameters as well as the graph. Use this to start a fresh new simulation

To ablate particular neuron, click on either the neuron label on the left panel or the node on the graph while holding down the Shift key

Use the clickable time bar during the simulation to freely review the dynamics

You can save particular stimulation/ablation configuration on the left panel by entering the name and pressing SAVE button. The saved presets can then be loaded from LOAD drop-down menu